Friday June 5, 2020

Free Email Accounts, communication has never been so cheap

Free Email Accounts,  communication has never been so cheap

Free Email Accounts,  communication has never been so cheap

Email is no longer considered a luxury. It has been over a decade since email has become a full-fledged alternative to regular mail. It was earlier used in the corporate world and by some casual users. Email accounts were available for free but companies wanted to have a dedicated server that came at a cost. Employees were thus assigned their daily email quotas as the data storage was also meagre.

This is no longer the case. Free email accounts are considered a basic human right by the Internet activists. Industry bigwigs like Yahoo, Hotmail, Google and MSN all offer free email accounts. It was Google that first experimented with increasing the maximum data storage for each user. It increased the allocated quota for each user and offered a number of other tools to make emailing a fun exercise.

Competitors were not eager to reciprocate in the start. They were, however, forced to follow suit when Google started chipping away at their home and office user base. MSN and Yahoo were among the first ones to emulate Google’s policy. The trend has caught on and now every company is offering gigabytes of free storage to email users.

Internet service providers have realized the changing dynamics of email. Many of them now offer lucrative email clients at little to no additional costs. These email accounts come with extra storage and full protection against spam and viruses. These companies have managed to gain a significant following as they offer greater customization. You can have your company’s name as the domain along with other perks such as filters and forwarders.

The interesting fact is that now the industry giants are also offering greater customization tools. The ultimate beneficiary is the user who now has multitude of options to choose from and does not have to pay a single penny for the services.


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