Saturday May 30, 2020

Google: The Origins and the Future

Google: The Origins and the Future

Google: The Origins and the Future

Modern computing is incomplete without Google. The technological giant has entered our lives in a big way. The world Google has become synonymous with searching. So much so that “Google” has been included in the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb. Google is much larger than its search engine operations. The company is a major powerhouse in the computing industry offering everything from tailor-made business solutions to e-mail clients and video and document sharing.

Google was founded by two PhD students at the Stanford University in 1996. Sergey Brin and Larry Page were interested in improving the performance of existing search engines. They ended up introducing the concept of page rank and designed a completely new search engine. The results were astonishing as the search engine soon became the largest player in the industry.

By 2002, Google had eaten up the business of companies like AltaVista and was introducing new concepts in search engine rankings. Search engine optimization, page rank, keywords, Ad words and dozens of other terminologies were introduced around that period. These concepts soon went on to become the global standard and Google benefited immensely from its hegemony over these functions.

Gmail, the email client of Google, cemented the company’s reputation as a major player. It was the first email client that offered massive storage, running into gigabytes. Microsoft and other companies had to follow suit as Gmail was gnawing at their base. The acquisition of YouTube and the introduction of Google+ have ensured that the company is here to stay.

Google has forayed into the smartphone business and has introduced phones and tablets that generated significant customer interest. It will not be surprising if Google come up with new concepts in web browsing and change the standards we have gotten used to. Google is the trendsetter and has been able to maintain its supremacy for the last 15 years.


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