Saturday May 30, 2020

How 3D Media creates Life-Like Environment?

How 3D Media creates Life-Like Environment?

How 3D Media creates Life-Like Environment?

The three-dimensional imagery has caught the attention of everyone. More popular by its abbreviation, the 3D technology is taking the industry by a storm. It is now common to visit a cinema that is especially made for 3D movies. You can also watch 3D movies on your home TV. Children like to play video games that have a 3D environment as it creates a more life-like situation.

The 3D technology, also known as stereoscopy, is the display of two offset images that are projected to the left and right eye of the viewer. When combined, these images create a depth known as the third dimension. There are three main types of stereoscopic projections.

The first type relies on the mental capabilities of the viewing person where the brain processes two images and projects them as one. The second type of projection does not rely on human interpretation. It relies on the use of special eyeglasses that create the depth and resolution of 3D imagery. The filtering of two separate offset images is thus done by the glasses and the wearer sees the 3D image.

The third type of 3D imagery is considered the most advanced version currently available. It uses modified light source that creates the perception of 3D images without relying on brain powers or use of special eyeglasses. The process is known as auto-stereoscopy.

The second and third type of stereoscopy has become excessively popular in recent years. The first type, however, has become obsolete. The 3D glasses have become all the rage these days as they offer easy viewing and are also cost effective. Auto-stereoscopy is not as economical given the advanced technology used in creating 3D images that do not need glasses or mental processing powers.

It is expected that the 3D technology will overtake conventional 2D imagery in the coming decades.

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