Saturday May 30, 2020

How can you make your job easy?

How can you make your job easy?

In today’s economy you need a strategy to save as much money you  can… It’s here at DIY computer repair.

Your strategy will depend on how you view computer repair, is it reactive or proactive?

Reactive would be when the computer fails or has a problem you take it to a repair shop, or ask for help from friends, relatives, or at your company’s IT dept.

Proactive would be having the information to resolve your problem and doing the repair yourself. By having the resources available before you need to Do It Yourself Computer Repair is a Proactive strategy – you save not only time but the cost of the labor for the repair.

This web site is about do-it-yourself computer repairs and how you can do the repair yourself. The goal of this web site is to assist you with all the information you need to make your computer the best it can be.  Although the operating system information and support is for Windows, the hardware techniques apply to Mac computers also.

With the information provided you will be able to fix your pc, build a custom pc from
scratch, optimize your system to make it run faster, or hide your PC from hackers!

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