Friday June 5, 2020

What is a Pin Drive, the most economical way to secure data

What is a Pin Drive, the most economical way to secure data

What is a Pin Drive, the most economical way to secure data

A pin drive is the alternative name of a USB flash drive. The only difference between the two is that of security. Regular USB drives usually do not come with security features. Anyone can access your data once he or she has got your USB drive. All hackers need is a computer with USB ports to start using your data for nefarious purposes. A pin drive tackles this threat by securing the data with pin codes.

The pin code comprises of seven to 15 characters that can be set as per the user’s choice. You can use different combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters to secure your identity. Once the pin is set, only you can access the data. Even in case of a theft, hackers will have hard time breaking the code.

The operation of a pin drive is simple. You insert it in the USB port and a dialogue box opens prompting you to enter the pin code. Once a successful entry is made, you are allowed to browse the contents of the drive. Otherwise, you will be unable to access the data.

It is recommended to secure the entire flash drive though you can also protect certain folders. There are suites available that enable you to secure a particular folder with a code while leaving the other data open. This strategy can only work if you have no qualms about other data being accessed by other people.

Pin drives are easily available from stores as well as online. Make sure that you are buying a pin drive. Some USB flash drives can be confused for a pin drive though you can easily identify the latter. Pin drives are not costlier than regular USB drives. They, however, will offer you greater protection with minimal chances of someone breaking into your personal or financial data.

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