Friday June 5, 2020

Kids are quick learners, encourage them, facilitate them

Kids are quick learners, encourage them, facilitate them

How To Teach Computer To Kids?

Kids are quick learners, encourage them facilitate them to get smarter. This is a fact established by scientific research. Kids have an inquisitive nature and want to find out the cause behind every problem. They also adept quickly to computer and many have been able to master the art in a few years. You can start teaching your kids on how to use a computer as soon as they celebrate their second birthday.

Toddlers have been seen to fiddle around with keyboards as they see their older siblings and parents using the computer. Many toddlers also learn on how to turn on and shut down a computer through the main button. You can harness their interest in computers by teaching them basic skills.

A two year old cannot learn programming languages. He or she, however, will be able to learn basic operations with a little effort. The best way of generating interest is to let your younger ones sit with you while you are working. Find a time when the work-flow is low and you can spend a few minutes off. The first thing most toddlers like to do is to press the keyboards’ keys and play with fingers on the screen. Let them do that as it is their way of exploring.

You can teach them on what the keys are about and how they help in typing commands. If they show interest, you can continue with your education. If they get bored easily then it is better to wait a few more months. Tablet computers can help you a great deal in this regard. Open a drawing board and let your kids play on the screen. This little activity helps in piquing their interest and they may soon start making proper drawings.

Don’t force your kids to learn basic computer skills in a day or two. It will most likely backfire. It is better to take it slowly and let the kids decide when they want to learn more about computing.


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