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Motherboard Testing, repair, troubleshooting

Motherboard Testing, repair, troubleshooting

Our respiratory system breathes life into the body, so does a motherboard into a computer or a laptop. The underlying circuit board of a computer, which contains the CPU, RAM, hard disk drives and optical drives is known as the motherboard (as the name suggests). A computer motherboard  may also have a sound card or a video interface as a built in feature. Most important of all, it contains a BIOS chip to control the entire setup. Any loose connection in the internal circuit of the motherboard can lead to a system crash. So, how to repair motherboard? Here, let me share some tips on troubleshooting motherboard repair (also on laptop motherboard repair).

  • Computer Motherboard Repair

Before we understand about how to repair motherboard or how to go about a laptop motherboard repair, it is important to know the symptoms that indicate a motherboard repair. For that one must know how to check motherboard. Below are some prominent signs indicating a faulty motherboard.

  • Motherboard Repair: Signs

* System fails to boot on start up.
* System hangs for no reason.
* The fans and the power light is on, but the system fails to boot.
* System shuts down abruptly while working.

There can be many reasons factoring the above signs and most of them often attribute to hardware failures. One of the common causes responsible for this condition is a capacitor leak, which can cause the motherboard to go faulty. Another reason is high temperature setting around the system, which could affect the life expectancy of capacitors in the motherboard.

  • Motherboard Repair: Troubleshooting

So how to repair motherboard? Here are some steps to troubleshoot and check the causes for such anomalies in the motherboard, if the desktop screen shows up blank.

* Check whether the fans and the lights on the motherboard are working or not. And do check if the system light is on or not. If there is no light, then you must first check the power supply connection to the motherboard.  If you need more help about Motherboard Testing, repair, troubleshooting; there are plenty of resources available on the net.

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