Saturday May 30, 2020

Only 5 web browsers have managed to stay afloat

Only 5 web browsers have managed to stay afloat

Which Web Browser is the Best and gaining popularity

There was a time when one had to choose between Internet Explorer and Netscape for browsing the web. This is no longer the case as now you have dozens of web browsers. Only five, however, have managed to stay afloat and gain traction. These are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera and Apple Safari.

Google Chrome

A new entrant, Chrome has gained significant market share. It takes seconds to load and offers compatibility with most websites. Chrome is also good for those who want to browse the Internet with greater privacy and security.

Mozilla Firefox

The most popular browser in many countries, Firefox has managed to gain a massive share in the international market. A large number of computers around the world now rely solely on Firefox to browse the Internet. The browser has simple user interface and is compatible with almost all types of websites and applications.

Internet Explorer

It was once the king of web browsers but the Internet Explorer has taken a hit in recent years. Firefox and other browsers have chipped away at the Explorer’s base. Newer versions of Explorer do offer a better web browsing experience and have managed to attract a steady stream of subscribers.


Opera is not popular when it comes to desktop browsing as less than 2% of Internet users have the application. The browser, however, is the most commonly used application in mobile devices. Opera Mini is the mobile version of the browser that offers slick browsing experience across a number of mobile platforms.

Apple Safari

Safari has become a major player in the web browsing industry. Given the fact that Apple products rely on Safari alone for browsing, the product has gained millions of new users around the world.

As per Weboxx survey of 5 web browsers,  for desktop browsing, Chrome and Firefox take the lead whereas Opera remains the application of choice for those seeking to browse the Internet on their mobiles.

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