Saturday July 11, 2020

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation

SEO ranking is not limited to general websites only

Search engine optimization or SEO is not limited to general websites. The concept has also taken roots in the social media where it is becoming increasingly important to customize websites as per SEO recommendations. Facebook takes the lead when it comes to SEO techniques. The social network has over 800 million members from all parts of the world and a good SEO deployment can help you in reaching out to maximum number of people.

The easiest way of incorporating SEO into your Facebook account is to place keywords in the posts. If you are interested in promoting your product then Facebook is an excellent platform to do that. To enhance results, it will be better to add keywords relating to your product. If the product is related to mobile phones then you can add words like ‘smartphone’, ‘iPhone’, ‘mobile update’ or thousands of other search terms. A Facebook user may end up on your profile after searching for these keywords. This will surely increase your visibility and may also cause a surge in profits.

You can also use social media SEO technique to enhance your visibility on Twitter. Introduce strategic keywords in your tweets and this may lead traffic to your website. The keywords should ideally comprise of two words as the character limitations in Twitter may spoil your marketing effort. A single keyword is even better if it has been well thought out.

Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, the users will ultimately visit your website to read product details and other offers. The increasing traffic means that your page rank will see an up gradation. You can deploy better general SEO on your website to increase your search engine ranking.

All you need to do is to deploy SEO on your social media platforms and link them with your website. This will enable you to see a major surge in traffic and soaring profits provided that you continue improving the SEO features.


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