Saturday May 30, 2020

Use of QR Codes is increasing as the growth of Smart Phones usage up

Use of Quick Reference Codes is increasing as the growth of Smart Phones use risesUse of QR Codes is increasing as the growth of Smart Phones usage up

Quick Reference Codes, also known as QR codes, are two dimensional barcodes developed by Denso, Japan in 1993 with the primary objective to use for logistics and sales. While the adoption of Quick Reference codes is just beginning in our society but it provides the opportunity for business to capitalize on this growing trend and impress their clients.

In comparison with the traditional barcodes, QR Codes have some advantages like they can hold a very large capacity of numbers or letters in any language.  Secondly they can be use in any size, very small or very large at the same time can be read at high speed from any angle, literally you can have it read 360 degree scan from anywhere.

QR Codes are ultramodern barcodes which can link to websites. Essentially how it works is that a code is created via the inter web, and that code can be scanned by most smart phones, such as iPhone. You would need small software to read QR which is free for your phone. Directly after scanning the code, a browser appears on your phone and takes you to the allotted site. In short, if you have any type of website or blog, you can create a QR code image that will link people to your page after they scan it. That’s it, a quick way of marketing tool as well. Imagine you are wearing a shirt with QR code printed on the front or back, the curious people may scan it by their phone and immediately reach your website or blog whatever URL you wish to promote through this.


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