Saturday July 11, 2020


What’s Weboxx, the name of our blog came out from a sensation that World Wide Web is seen on monitor which is like a box, so its web box delivering information to you. This blog is delivering information about information technology, so we combined web and box to come up with weboxx.  We also took this as antonym of Pandora box because this blog is meant to resolve issues in the reader’s mind and save you from trouble of spending time to discover information the harder way.

To us, WEBOXX is a metaphor to mean that we know what we are getting ourselves into because IT Professionals will be contributing to this blog and answering any question put out by any other reader. Sometimes, that we do not always know how something we have started may end, that we do not know the consequences of our actions, it’s just like we start various things on computer and end up with something extraordinary, it happens all the time to designers, developers, researchers, professionals, etc.

Weboxx is a platform for the IT Professionals to participate in the related activities, knowledge sharing and to establish helping links in the field of information technology.  This blog is an avenue for all to walk and talk about digital technology, you can submit your accomplishments, you can share your discoveries, you can highlight your innovation, etc.