Friday June 5, 2020

What is a Hard Disk Platter?

What is a Hard Disk Platter?What is a Hard Disk Platter?

Hard disk platter is an essential part of the computer. It is a rigid platter-like structure that forms the core part of a hard disk. The platter is used to store magnetic data that forms the backbone of computing. A hard disk usually consists of a stack of platters that are mounted on a spindle.

Platters are made of aluminium or a substrate of glass and ceramic. Platters are known for their mirror-like surface and bright lustre. This shine and lustre is required for data storage and retrieval. Any dirt accumulation can severely impede the performance of the hard drive. A head is attached to the hard disk to process data such as reading and writing of files.

They offer greater storage as they can store data on both sides. Thus there are two heads in each platter to accommodate this additional storage. The heads rest on an arm that is attached to the platters and is flexible enough to accommodate their motion. Platters start to spin as soon as you turn on the system. They complete 7,200 rotations per minute in a desktop computer with an average laptop hard dish having a corresponding RPM number of 5,400. Modern laptops, however, have started offering up to 7,200 RPM.

The platter arm, on which the heads are located, springs into motion when you run a program whereas the platters continue spinning as long as the computer is in operation. This may cause a conflict in the long run where there is a chance of the head crashing into the platter.

You can ensure smooth operation of the platter by keeping it safe from dust and other pollutants. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in cleaning the desktop or laptop computers. With proper maintenance, you can significantly prolong the life of the hard disk platters.

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