Saturday May 30, 2020

What is Digital Photography, no film required, no development!

What is Digital Photography, no film required, no development!

What is Digital Photography, no film required, no development!

Digital photography is fast replacing conventional imaging. Instead of relying on photographic films, which take time to develop, digital photography immediately presents the captured image on the display medium. It offers greater resolution, better photo management and advanced editing and enhancement tools. Digital images can also be printed on a photographic paper thus offering a marriage between traditional and modern photography.

Digital photography relies on light sensitive sensors to capture the image once you have focused the lens. This is in contrast to conventional photography where the image is projected on a light sensitive film that needs to be developed to see the actual image.

Digital photography offers a simple and result-oriented method of capturing personal and professional photos. You can get the results in an instant and there will be no fear of the picture loss, which was common in conventional photography. There was no guarantee that each captured image will appear in the final results. This is not the case in digital photography where no image is wasted and you can get desired results.

All you need is a good quality digital camera and you can start clicking pictures right away. You will have the option to adjust the zoom, resolution, lighting and other parameters through a manual or automatic process. You can later edit the photos if you are not satisfied with the result. This was also not possible with conventional photography where you had to be content with the final results.

There has been a revolution in digital photography where mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets come equipped with digital cameras. This has made digital photography accessible to everyone. Although quality may vary depending on the type of lens and mega-pixels used but it has become possible to snap as many photos as you want. The growing popularity of social networking and photo sharing websites points towards a bright future of digital photography.



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