Saturday May 30, 2020

What’s inside your Computer, the CPU?

What's inside your Computer, the CPU?

What’s inside your Computer, the CPU?

Ever wondered what components it is made of? Hundreds of millions of people around the world use computers but very few of them ask this question. It is, however, important to be aware of the CPU construction. It is common to face issues with computing and prior knowledge of the parts will help you in seeking the right solution.

A Central Processing Unit of a computer, commonly known as a CPU, is the heart and brain of the machine. It is the part that plans and executes every command. A CPU is thus considered the real brain of the computer. There are three main components of a CPU. These include the arithmetic logic unit, the control unit and the registers.

The arithmetic logic unit is the mathematical brain of the CPU. It does the mathematical calculations with the power of solving numerous problems at any given time. Complex calculations and associated processes are also done at this unit. A CPU may come equipped with dozens of ALUs, especially in advanced systems.

The control unit of a CPU is the regulator that manages the flow of information. It is called the control unit as it oversees every action whether it is the reception of a command or its execution and data storage. The control unit acts as the brain of the CPU. It also acts as the coordinator between different parts of the computer and ensures smooth running of the operations.

The registers hold information in tiny packets. There are hundreds of thousands of registers in even a small CPU. They hold the data for processing and direct the CPU to the next memory location where the data need processing.

Learning the basics of a computer CPU will remove the hassles associated with maintenance. You can also do it in your home once you gained enough hands-on experience.

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