Saturday May 30, 2020

Why Barcoding is very important for Warehouse storage management

Why Barcoding is very important for Warehouse storage managementWhy Barcoding is very important for Warehouse storage management

It is now impossible to think of a superstore without any barcoded products. It will take hours calculating the price of each individual item purchased if there are no barcodes attached to the products. It will also make it difficult to trace items in a warehouse. Physical search and inspection may take hours in even a small warehouse. Barcoding removes this problem and simplifies things for everyone.

Barcodes are geometric representations of data that can be processed electronically. You will find them in the form of vertical lines at unequal distance from each other. Other barcodes may appear like concentric circles or squares. These seemingly meaningless shapes hold complete information about the product on which they are attached.

The process is simple. Each barcode corresponds to the data fed at the time of its creation. Retailers thus assign barcodes to their inventory so as to make it easier to trace them in the production and supply line. Supermarkets use barcodes to manage their inventory and enable their cashiers to quickly process every transaction. All the latter need is a barcode reader and the relevant information is displayed on their screens.

In warehouse storage, barcoding can help in managing inventory and avoiding backlogs. The process itself will not take much time once you assign a unique barcode to every product. The computer will start assigning unique sub-codes to every item under that product line. You can scan the data and look at the number of items in each product line, their location, arrival time and expected time of departure.

There are many inventory management suites that can help you with this task. You can also seek the services of a consultant to assist in barcoding and inventory management. With a little effort, you will be able to account for every item in the warehouse and ensure flawless operations.



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