Saturday May 30, 2020

Why Prefer Linux Hosting? How about Windows?

Why Prefer Linux Hosting? How about Windows?

Why Prefer Linux Hosting? How about Windows Hosting?

Linux hosting has taken an edge over Windows hosting and for a variety of reasons. Although Windows hosting offers reliable connectivity, it comes with expensive repairs and compatibility issues. Linux, on the other hand, is easier to maintain and offers greater reliability.

It is advisable to host your website on a Linux server if you want minimal downtime. Linux has greater reliability because of its hassle-free operation. Some put the uptime of Linux hosts to be as high as 99.9%. This is the maximum uptime you can achieve in web hosting as no one can ensure a 100% uptime owing to maintenance and other issues.

Linux hosts are fully compatible with PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, CGI or other advanced tools. This means that you will not have to spend time and money on finding compatible components. You can also deploy the latest tools and upgrades without delays or technical issues. This is not the case with Windows hosting where compatibility remains an issue.

Linux hosting comes at significant cost saving. Linux operating system is mostly available free of cost except for advanced tools. This reduces the financial burden common with Windows hosting. Another positive aspect of Linux hosting is that most tools are also available for free. This cuts the costs down and enables hosting websites with sophisticated data. You can move your Linux-based website to a Windows server without a hassle. It will, however, be difficult to do so in a reverse order as Windows-based websites may not be compatible on Linux servers.

Ease of use, simple operating system and greater compatibility with web tools has made Linux a preferred hosting system around the world. Linux hosts are also seeing major enhancement of features that makes it easier to deploy the latest tools without a glitch. A Linux host is an ideal choice for those who want flawless web hosting.

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