Saturday May 30, 2020

Why prefer setting up shops on eBay and Amazon?

Why prefer setting up shops on eBay and Amazon?

Amazon and eBay have emerged as two of the most popular online retailers. They offer everything from used curtains to air-plane parts and bathroom accessories. The growing popularity of these websites has enabled people to set up their shops online. The online shops on Amazon or eBay cause a major increase in sales. It is simple to do and prevents the hassle associated with individual online retailing.

The biggest advantage of doing business on eBay or Amazon is the simple buying and selling procedure. All you need to do is to list your product under the right categories along with prices and other details. After vetting, the website will display those items to anyone typing a search key for them. Thus a search for a mobile battery will lead to your product, along with hundreds of other similar brands.

This is not the case if you set up your own website. The first thing you will need is a good search engine optimization. Otherwise your page will rank far below the others and only a few people will be able to visit your website. Along with better SEO techniques, you will also need a reliable payment module. People don’t trust online websites that don’t have a secure payment system. Deploying such a system and building trust takes time. You may not have the means and resources to continue operating until that break-even window.

EBay, Amazon and dozens of other renowned e-commerce portals have highly reliable payment modules. They cater to a global clientele, accepts most types of credit and debit cards and ship products on international addresses. It goes without saying that most people don’t even bother to search Google for a particular product as they land directly on the above-mentioned portals.

It is thus better to start a venture on eBay or Amazon and then branch out to your personal e-commerce websites.

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