Saturday May 30, 2020

Why the Touchscreen Technology is gaining a strong foothold?

Why the Touchscreen Technology is gaining a strong foothold?

Why the Touchscreen Technology is gaining a strong foothold?

The touchscreen technology has become the most popular fad in the technology industry. It is fast replacing conventional input and interface components such as mouse and keyboards. A touchscreen gadget makes things easier for you. All you need is to touch the screen to make commands. Touchscreens also make for excellent keyboards especially if you have installed advanced tools that emulate the ergonomics of regular keyboards.

Touchscreen was first envisaged in the 1950s when scientists started looking for an interactive input method. It remained a concept for many years though and it was only in the 1970s and 1980s that touchscreens became a reality. It was first used in music synthesizers and comprised of a semi-touchscreen protocol where you had to use a light pen. It was only in the 1990s that touchscreens became commonplace though a mass market version had yet to come out.

The twenty first century brought with it the magic of touchscreens. They are now accessible to everyone and are present in everything from a mobile phone to a tablet and a car audio system. Touchscreens have also become highly responsive unlike earlier versions where you had to spend minutes tapping on the screen.

You can use a touchscreen to type as they serve as reliable keyboards. Mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets come with keyboard tools. With a single tap, a virtual keyboard appears on the screen and you can use it to write emails, blogs and other documents. You an also download tools that offer better keyboard versions.

It is not unexpected to see the gradual elimination of physical keyboards in the coming years. Touchscreens were a novel concept until a few decades ago but now they are a reality. Tap-and-type virtual keyboards hold the potential to become commonplace. We can also expect major improvements in their design and response time.

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